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UConn Health Richard D. Berlin
Center for Cell Analysis & Modeling

Cell Analysis and Modeling Training Program

The specialized training program in Cell Analysis and Modeling (CAM) has developed from the Quantitative Cell Biology training initiative through the Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling . The mission of CCAM is to explore complex biological systems using the tools of computational cell biology and quantitative approaches to the analysis of living cells. CCAM has a significant track record in inter-disciplinary training at all levels from undergraduate students to senior investigators. CCAM has organized these training activities into a new and unique program at UConn Health for graduate training, summer research for undergraduates, and faculty fellowships. The goal is to provide participants with rigorous cross training in areas of mathematical, physical, and computational sciences and biology to develop truly interdisciplinary scientists. Cell Analysis and Modeling training participants come from diverse disciplinary backgrounds. Participants take courses, attend seminars and work on interdisciplinary research projects to broaden and strengthen their abilities to do quantitative cell biology research.

The goals of the Cell Analysis and Modeling Training Program:

  1. Develop a critical mass of trainees and scientists with interests in mathematical modeling and quantitative approaches in cell biology.
  2. Develop a diverse group of faculty mentors who will foster professional growth and interactions within the fields of chemistry, biophysics, computer science and the cell biology community.
  3. Provide significant cross-disciplinary research training and foster an atmosphere of daily collaboration among theoretical and experimental scientists that leads to cutting edge research training in quantitative approaches in cell biology.


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