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UConn Health Richard D. Berlin
Center for Cell Analysis & Modeling

Computational Facility Home


  • Several large capacity and high performance file servers provide free data storage via both public domain shares and individual account private storage areas.

    • On CAM domain computers, CAM users will have two automatic drive mappings for their home directory (Z: Drive on Windows computers) and the CCAM public share (P: Drive on Windows computers).
    • Non-CAM domain Windows computers can manually mount these shares at:
      • Home: \\\home\CAM\username
      • Public: \\\ccam
    • Similarly for MAC users connecting to the file server
      • Home: smb://
      • Public: smb://
    • UCHC public share access for authenticated users in the UCHC domain and other trusted domains (Windows)
      • UCHC public: \\\UCHC
    • Similarly for MAC users connecting to the UCHC public share
      • UCHC public: smb://
    • For Linux computers in our facility automatically mount the following:
      • /public - CCAM public share
      • /home - the users home directory
      • /UCHC - the UCHC public share