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UConn Health Richard D. Berlin
Center for Cell Analysis & Modeling

CCAM Resources

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The following links are provided as a source to other modeling environments, modeling resources and cell based databases.

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Modeling Links

BioNetGen - A web-based tool for automatically generating a biochemical reaction networks from user-specified rules for biomolecular interactions.

B10NUMB3R5 - (BIONUMBERS) A database of useful biological numbers.

BioInformatics Services - BioInformatics Services is a biotechnology consulting firm specializing in using computational biology to solve complex biological and data analysis problems.

cellmigrationgateway - modeling software

CellML- The CellML language is an open standard based on the XML markup language at the University of Auckland and affiliated research groups.

CompCell Bio Web - Development site for teaching modules on quantitative cell biology.

DOQCS - Quantitative Cellular Signaling (DOQCS) is a repository of models of signaling pathways.

E-Cell - A Multi-Algorithm, Multi-Timescale Simulation Software Environment.

Gfit - A program for global regression analysis of experimental data.

Kitware - Professional Visualization Solutions, Tools and Support.

MCell - General Monte Carlo Simulator of Cellular Microphysiology.

Minimotif Miner - Application to search for short sequence motifs in Proteins.

SBML - The Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) is a computer-readable format for representing models of biochemical reaction networks. - Systems Biology Workbench, an open source framework connecting heterogenous software applications.

QuB - Kinetic Analysis made Easy. Programs for analyzing single-molecule kinetics, in particular single ion channels.

Cell Databases -  Cell Centered Database (CCD) from the National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research - The Cell an Image Library from the American Society for Cell Biology - from the Center for Bioimage Infromatics  - SLIF -  Subcellular Location Image Finder from the Center for Bioimage Informatics